Amman Development Corridor

The Amman Development Corridor

The Amman development corridor is a relatively new highway that was newly constructed (Im guessing around 2014) as part of a big project that cost about 160 million USD’s including a somewhat massive grant received from the AbuDhabi fund for development (ADFD). Thanks to these guys we have access to a beautiful road that is absolutely great for training. This road connects Al Zarqa governate to the main desert/airport highway going also through Al Madouneh interchange and the Al Azraq highway (towards Al Juwaideh).

The road itself is quite empty and peaceful. You will be in the middle of the desert producing a great tan line.

The Amman Development Ride & Considerations

The highway is a long stretch of road that can be reached via the airport highway or via the city centre. There are quite a few trucks and trailers during weekdays so its a good idea to use this road on Fridays as you will get to evade all this fiasco. I would recommend getting a head start early morning as you will get to evade the traffic in city centre as that can be quite hard to go through. So I guess considering going to the city centre at the end of the ride is a big no no.

The way i designed this route is that you can continue towards Madaba and back through Madaba Al Gharbi to complete a 100km training distance. The elevation on this ride is about 1200m over 104km starting from Manaseer – City Center – Development Corridor – Madaba – Manaseer.

The Random Facts Along The Way

Although your in the middle of nowhere, you will be surprised by a couple of coffee break spots along the way. Enjoy them, create memories, socialise with people and enjoy your ride.

You will also pass by a wrecked train on a very old track. I will leave it to you to go out for a search and rescue mission. Theres also a fence by the side roads on all of the highway in order to prevent animals from running into the roads and getting run over. Use this to your advantage and enjoy it.

Please comment/contact me for GPX file details.

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