Climbing Galore

An Elevation Challenge

When you get seriously into training for some tough challenging races that include some elevation, this is one of the recommended routes to take. Its definitely no fun for the average cyclist covering an elevation of 2200meters over a near 100km distance. This was inspired by one of my fellow friend’s/rider’s called Jim Angelilo where the route involves two main climbs.

Al Salt Climb

Dipping into the route taking you towards Wadi Shueib, you will start going uphill towards Al-Salt. For some reason, I don’t know if its a coincidence or not, but before you pass the church just before the Salt main city (when the uphill gradient becomes quite steep) there are always people (young children and sometimes teenagers) trying to throw rocks at you. Its quite annoying but just keep cycling through and don’t really talk back to them because its really not worth getting into a fight with these guys.

Al Urdon St Climb

After engulfing the beautiful views of Zay & Rumaymin, Al Urdon St climb is quite a tough one. This is a main street that takes you back towards Amman. You will not be passing through small towns or anything and the street is quite a spacious highway full of cars that wont be annoying you. The climb is challenging. So just get yourself up there and start peddling.

Please comment/contact me for GPX file details.


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