Eyes of the monster عيون الذيب

Eyoun El Dib or in Arabic The Eyes of The Wolf is an area just behind Madaba overlooking the Dead Sea. It’s absolutely gorgeous If you could actually take in the views instead of sprinting away from the monsters. This is a long route around a routine ride that we do in Jordan which is the usual Madaba trip. Instead of going into Madaba and out, we circle around the area of Eyoun El Dib and then change the route by taking another main stretch towards the QAIA Airport called the 60th street. Upon reaching the airport, you can head straight back towards home through the airport highway. This is probably a route of medium to hard level I would say covering an elevation of about 900-1000m over a course of 90-100kms.

Lets dissect the main highlights of the ride map

Eyoun El Dib (25-35 mark on the map)

The area just behind the Madaba area is stunning. Once inside Eyoun El Dib it will seem to be a little more rural than usual. You will get a stunning birds eye view of the Dead Sea from that area. There is only one small problem though which is a crazy pack of dogs that are always roaming around in the area. By definition, I think a pack of dogs probably means around 6-8 dogs coming around you all at once. They usually just run after you (they can be very scary sometimes depending on their mood) and cause no harm but you never know what might happen with them especially because these guys specifically seem to be more aggressive than the usual pack that I am used to. This area is very rural with lots of little small farm houses. The farm owners always prefer to have free dogs roaming around to protect their viccinity so just always be aware of your surroudings and ride strong.


Madaba – QAIA Highway (50-65 mark on the map)

The Madaba locals call this road the 60th St or شارع الستين. It takes you straight up towards the QAIA Airport. It’s a long stretch of road that has a gradual climb and by the half way point a gradual descent. This is a clean stretch of road without much traffic and without much scenery other than the beautiful desert ish land around you.

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