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Id like to share the vast amount of knowledge that I was lucky enough to learn about my own beautiful country through IronMan triathlon training in Jordan. Loads of people might consider this to be one of the most dangerous cities to run or cycle in but I kid you not you'r going to paint yourself one giant healthy addiction. Please be in touch if you have any post recommendations that you'd like to learn from. Anything to do with the Jordanian Tri life from routes, shops, communities and whatever that pops into mind.

Latest Thoughts/Updates

Little Petra Loop

If you are in for a challenge then this is a loop that you might want to consider. Im going to warn you not to think about this if you are not a very experienced cyclist as this is probably one of the hardest routes...

UmQais Alongside Zarqa River

I’d like to share this tough route encompassing a 125km distance with an elevation of nearly 1800m. There are many technical sections around this route that will need you to cycle with care especially if joined...

Try Jordan (My personal collection of swim bike run routes)

Race Reports

Dead2Red Race Report

Brief Race Description The Dead2Red cycling race has become the most popular cycling race in Jordan luring lots of competition within the Middle Eastern professional & amateur cycling communities. The race starts on...

Culture (Random adventures around town)