Petra, Namla, DSH towards Aqaba, Petra.

Difficulity –  Daredevil 5/5

Danger level – 10/5

Distance – 166.8km

Elevation – +2946m

22._Petra_Namla_DSH_towards_Aqaba_Petra..gpx (171 downloads )



  1. Road bike only.
  2. Extremely technical ride with loads of climbing and loads of downhills.
  3. Pick a campsite to sleep in the night before as an early start is a must.
  4. The decent at the beginning is very technical. Make sure you are always in control. The lanes are really narrow at the decent is very steep.
  5. Once you get to the Dead Sea high way make sure you refill on nutrition. Also make sure you refill when leaving the highway as theres a crazy amount of climbing coming up, lots of heat, and no chance of refilling for a long amount of time.
  6. The road becomes very narrow. Beware of the Beduins driving especially when on steep inclines.

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