Mahis/Fuheis Climbs

If your looking into doing some climbs with some nice scenery along the way, this is a nice route to explore. Spanning a distance of 45kms and an elevation of 640m, this is not an easy climb. Not the toughest also. Mediocre ride I would say.

You start off going through Amman towards the Dabouq area. At the top of the hill theres a circle where you pass the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS-The school that has the running track), you will start facing some seriously cool downhill climbs with some great scenery. Unfortunately, downhill is usually followed by some climbs.

At the heart of Mahes you will reach the roundabout with the fighter plane F16 or whatever it is, I have no idea but its quite cool. You will also then pass by a mental health hospital before starting the climb into the town of Fuheis. After the town of Fuheis, just before reaching Kamalieh area, you should slightly take care as there are a few dogs strolling about the area and one of them is quite an ass (There is a farm with an open fence but the dogs in general just run after you for fun. Giving you an extra incentive to cycle faster).


Generally speaking, the Fuheis area is slightly north of Amman, you will be amazed that it can be significantly green in the spring, also there are some nice top of the hill views with some fresh air. You will cycle back via the Salt Highway which I will touch on later in other routes.

Manaseer-Mahes-Fuheis-Manaseer.gpx (406 downloads )


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