Husban Heights

This is a tough route that passes through some amazing scenery. Its about a 100km ride with 1700m of elevation. Its strongly not advised to pick up your bike and do this on your own.
The ride starts with an easy relatively downhill spin into Naour going through the heights of the Hisband forest. There is some amazing scenery from the top. Some of the Americans with us during this ride kept saying that it resembles Colorado. Indeed, it was quite green and beautiful. It was the season for it.
This photo was taken during the winter season in mid February of 2018. In-fact it was my last ride before my Inguinal Hernia surgery (thankfully I am now fully recovered).
The route then rejoins with the main highway that takes you towards the Dead Sea. This is not particularly safe for cyclists as you can encounter quite a few trailers passing by until you start heading north towards the king Hussein bridge. One tip regarding the trailers is that you have to keep firm on the steering as the turbulence generated from a passing trailer can sometimes throw you aside.

You will pass close to Al Kafrein dam and then start cycling through Al shouneh which is a massive agricultural area that is hot and humid and up through the Wadi Sheib dam.

Id like to point out that this is about the halfway point of the ride where you will start climbing all the way up back to Amman via Salt. There are a few relaxed spots in the Shouneh town before you start climbing up WadiShueib. It might be a good idea to enjoy a cup of coffee over there before you ramp up the sweat. You will also be passing through a small military checkpoint which is absolutely harmless but its always a good idea to keep your ID on you at all times when cycling through Jordan.

This route has some lovely overhead views. I will be showing quite a few variation of rides that eventually leads you close to or to the dead sea and sometimes back up to Wadi Shueib There are tons of stunning variations with different views along the way. Im also a big fan of going down Wadi Shueib towards the Dead Sea and im sure this route will also be blogged about pretty soon. Enjoy the GPX file, let it lead you and have fun. Happy pedalling.

Amman-Naur-Husban_Forest-Balqa-Kafrein-WadiShueib-Amman.gpx (434 downloads )

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