Baqa’a – Umm Njasa – Ar Rumaymin – Al Maysarah – Al Ardah Climb – Al Salt – Sweileh.

Difficulity –  Very Hard 4/5

Danger level – 4/5

Distance – 82.9km

Elevation – +1453m

33._Baqa_a_-_Umm_Njasa_-_Ar_Rumaymin_-_Al_Maysarah_-_Al_Ardah_Climb_-_Al_Salt_-_Sweileh.gpx (152 downloads )



  1. Road bike only.
  2. After the first downhill, the wonderful views will start once you turn left on the Baqaa roundabout and head towards Salt.
  3. Lots of climbing during this ride and make sure to keep hydrating along the way.

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