13. Husban – Zboud – Al Adassiyah uphills – Um Al Basateen – Airport

Difficulity – Medium 2/5

Danger level – 3/5

Distance – 82.9km

Elevation – +938m

13._Husban_-_Zboud_-_Al_Adassiyah_uphills_-_Um_Al_Basateen_-_Airport.gpx (14836 downloads )



  1. I consider this to be a fun ride with quite a lot of wonderful views. Theres a mix of tempo and uphill sections which is great to mix things up.
  2. Ayn el Basha towards Husban is my favorite area but beware the lanes can be very narrow so just be careful.
  3. The uphill section from Adasieh is basically the main Dead Sea Highway which can be quite tricky taking traffic into consideration.
  4. From Um el Basateen towards the Airport is a fast and wonderful way. Enjoy the views and the speed.

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