Downtown – Zarqa Hwy- 100 st – Airpt Hwy – Madaba – Amman

Difficulity – Hard 3/5

Danger level – 3/5

Distance – 111.9km

Elevation – +1120m

11._Downtown_-_Zarqa_Hwy-_100_st_-_Airpt_Hwy_-_Madaba_-_Amman.gpx (21423 downloads )



  1. Early start is ideal in order to circumvent the traffic at city centre.
  2. Amman Development Corridor is a perfect road for cyclists. Enjoy it. Stay on the main road as the sides can have some animals running after you. If you notice the barbed wire it was constructed in order to obstruct animals from coming onto the main road.
  3. Be careful in the middle of Madaba city centre and its a probably a good idea to refill up on nutrition in there.
  4. The loop back is via Madaba Al Gharby St. which is really nice and safe.

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