Panoramic DeadSea-Wadi Shueib Climb

Difficulity – Extreme 5/5

Danger level – 5/5

Distance – 150km

Elevation – +2322m

7._Panoramic_DeadSea-Wadi_Shueib_Climb.gpx (169 downloads )


  1. Road bike only.
  2. Extremely tough ride so preferably with a group especially because of the Eyoun el Deib pack of dogs and the big decent.
  3. The Panoramic decent is extremely dangerous so you have to be extremely cautious. Before approaching the decent there is a pack of really dangerous dogs at around the 40-45km mark. Make sure you are ready for them.
  4. Get supplies if need be at Madaba fighter jet circle as it will be your last point to get water and food for a while.
  5. Jordan valley area is always very hot and tough to get through so preferably get there as early as possible.

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