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Looking back at my whole story, its quite funny to see myself saying this track is absolutely wonderful. I cannot believe how much I adore this running track. This used to be the school that I grew up in and I can safely say that I have never appreciated any of it in the past. Located on the outskirts of Amman, in Fuheis just outside of Dabouq (after the King Hussein park) Its probably around a 10-15min drive from the usual Amman neighbourhood’s.

The track is something to take advantage of whenever you can get access to it. Its a 400m running track around a clay football field. The sun is usually shining and the green view around the track is spectacular. Technically, if your an ABS alumni you can get free access to it anytime as long as its out of school hours but it will also depend on the guards mood at the time.

Running Amman, usually hosts their Wednesday night runs in this venue (Track Wendesday’s). It might be a good idea to follow them on FB to check out when this event is hosted. Another good day to try your luck is on Fridays as the school is closed and the only people on duty are the guards. I usually get away with it by telling them i am an Alumni (they also recognise my face).

The area itself is quite pure, there is loads and loads of fresh air, lots of greenery around and is really a wonderful venue to practice your running in especially in pure daylight. Lace up your running shoes and go for it!

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