Al Hussein Public Parks

Al Hussein Public Parks is a beautiful park within Amman to be utilised for running. Located just on the edge of the Amman borderline, close to Dabouq. The inside and outside perimeters of the park can be ideally used. It is encapsulated around a popular landmark; The King Hussein Mosque and the International Academy school. The street which runs through the outer perimeter of the park (Al Sha’b St.) has plenty of space for runners and is widely used by pedestrians and runners all day long. The outer edge of the park accounts for about a 4.2km loop and has some stunning scenery of the mosque.

The park itself is quite green and contains a 2.8Km loop which you can lap around as many times as you like. Within this loop, you will be passing through the Royal Automobile Museum, the Children’s Museum, Football fields and a small Amphitheatre. Quite a lot to pass through in just 2.8km’s.

Be creative, loop around as many times as you like and render it according to your training schedule. You can even arrange a picnic with some friends or family while enjoying that breeze of fresh air.

One of the running clubs that does take advantage of this park is called Running Amman. If i am not mistaken they usually use this venue every Monday night. Give them a shout out and join them in order to conquer the park together with a group of other runners for you to meet.

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