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It’s been a long road towards my first half IronMan event in Lake Placid NY and it’s safe to say that if it doesn’t challenge you it wont change you. This is my build up of events leading Mike Riley to hit me with his four magical words at the end of my IronMan Copenhagen journey on August 18th of 2019.

My mission is to explore new places & travel as much as I can whilst training for this event. Live and learn from new cultures and people around you.

IM70.3 Muscat Oman

  March 1st 2019

My first trip to Oman will definitely be a memorable one as I will be travelling there for the first time accompanying my TriAmman training buddies. Expecting to get a glimpse of the fresh sea air for a country well known for its dazzling souks, architecture, seafood and aquatic life.

Dead Sea Ultra

  April 12th 2019

Believe it or not I do believe that riding your bike in the USA is an absolutely wonderful experience. The nature surrounding you, the fresh breeze of air, the possibilities of challenging cold weather and other surprises are always something to learn from. This will mark my main build up phase for the big day. I also look forward to see my sister & niece at the finish line. Good to mix up some family bonding along the main stretch of my IM journey.

KMD IM Copenhagen

  August 18th 2019

I remember I visited this venue when I was a child and little did I know at the time that one day I will be thinking of doing such a crazy thing at this location!

I will be competing alongside my friend/mentor/coach and three of his other coaching athletes and we will hopefully all be IronMen on that day.

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