Timeline & Latest Thoughts

Whats New:- Mid November Update

  The Offseason at 38 Weeks Pre IM-MT:- There’s quite a bit of motivation after Dead2Red and it seems that I would love to keep fighting forward in this never ending learning experience. Happy vibes everywhere and...

Whats New:- Early November Update

A couple of days after IronMan Antalya 70.3 I am beginning to feel my muscles starting to slightly loosen up. A fresh recovery swim along the coast is nothing to complain about. I look forward to do my last long cycle...

What’s New:- Early October Update

As of lately It’s been nearly a month ago since I crossed the finish line of the A race of my season. IronMan 70.3 Lake Placid, NY. 2k swim, 90k bike (1400m elevation) and a hilly half marathon. Well known to be a...

Event Calendar

Red=Races in Jordan
Blue=Team Elemnt Rides
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