About Me

“IM training is a challenge on its own but combine it with Triathlon training in Jordan then it become a different ball game”. I keep repeating this all the time because I mean it. My name is Rashed, I live & work in Amman, Jordan and have been through the stresses of combining the work/family life/ training life balance. I am a scientist at heart, I love tech, and anything related to analyzing quantitative data.

One of my bucket list accomplishments is to guide my first athlete into his first IM140.6 finish line.


The one thing you learn from the Triathlon community is to give back to the sport. The theme of seeking discomfort has been something that I have been abiding with for a while. Challenging my physical capabilities only to rediscover that they are endless. After years of passion for this sport and after being guided by a wonderful mentor/coach I think it’s about time to help those who deserve that push into their leap of faith. Theres never a perfect time to start something so Id love to be there to guide you through your first step and eventually teach you everything that I know in order to turn you into your own self coach.


If you are interested in my coaching services, I do that from out of pocket costs without any profit. I’d only ask you to donate a minimal amount of money of your choice to any cause that you’d like to support in my coaching services name. Please reach out if you are interested in finding out more.

Please have a look at my coaching profile on IronManU for more information.