Bucket List

IM Journey Milestones:-

  • Run 5k.
  • Healthy Eating.
  • Lifestyle Change.
  • Run A Half Marathon.
  • Cycle from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.
  • Appreciate Yogi’s & Mindfulness.
  • Finish my first half IronMan.
  • Become a Triathlete.
  • Race Dead to Red as a Professional Cyclist.
  • Become an Ultra Marathoner.
  • Become an IronMan!
  • Sub 12 IronMan (11:06 in August 18th IM Copenhagen).
  • IM Coaching Certification.
  • Podium D2R as Elite Solo Rider.
  • Podium the 100 Challenge as Solo Rider.
  • Sub 5 IM70.3 In Bahrain.
  • Coach my first athlete to finish his first IM70.3.
  • Cycle from Amman to Aqaba.


  • Race in an Olympic City.
  • Backpack Thailand.
  • Adopt a Racing Triathlons In Countries Ive Never Been To Mindset.
  • Minimalism + Digital Declutter.
  • Bikepacking the Jordan Trail with the boys(Get into Mountain Biking)!!
  • Hike Petra to Dana.
  • Attend a Triathlon Camp/Club La Santa.
  • Wahoo Studio in Jordan.
  • Cycle North to South of Italy.

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