What’s New:- End of March Update. Building up for Ultra
21 Weeks to Copenhagen

The past two build weeks have been all about increasing my running mileage and I have totally managed to rediscover the inner joys of the running high and the post workout pheromones. I am starting to find new personal limits and yet focusing on not hurting myself. New skills acquired…. Starting to get used to being attacked by dogs whilst running and trust me its a totally different experience from getting attacked when on a bike. Throwing rocks is key whereas on a bike you just need to scream like a lunatic. Another skill is to battle inner frustration after running for so long. I’m literally moving up from half marathon distance straight into an ultra. The main aim is to stand on the Copenhagen start line in good form, good health & mainly injury free.

It’s been a little weird to recognise how when I took on all of this sporty stuff it all started from running. A very solo sport, where you can be left alone just focusing on yourself and on the power of now. Music was also a big factor. I could put on my headphones with some funky rock music for hours on full blast and just enjoy the tunes. Whenever running along with a running community it personally becomes harder to manage as more and more opinions gets thrown away on the spot. Given that you have a plan you are following like a robot things become tough but you always manage to follow through. Next week’s long run is supposed to be a 32km run. The load keeps getting more intense.

Coach Bill has made me promise myself to become the fittest and healthiest version of myself. I have been struggling to stay mindful about the nutrients I ingest but being 4 months away from Copenhagen is a sign that I really need to get my shit together. Putting running aside, I have done a shit ton of research about wheels. Carbon wheels, counterfeit wheels and designing your own manually. This is such a cool topic That I decided to write something about it separately and to try to explain some of the vast amount of knowledge that I have been exposed to. Long story short I have decided to close my eyes, man up and invest in Zipp wheels. Formation and details to follow.

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