What’s New:- Mid March Update. Intensity build up as we approach the summer.
22 Weeks to IM Copenhagen

Muscat 70.3 is over and its good to think that we are already halfway ready for mid August physically but not mentally. There has been quite a lot of changes to my recent plans and I’m just about to finalize my events for the calendar year.

My Achilles issues are finally getting magical resolved and I cannot emphasise on how careful I’m trying to be on stretching, yin yoga (Lara Kalla Yin is amazing) and leg strengthening exercises. I just remembered the real reason why I signed up for all of this in the first place… That massive feeling of euphoria just after a long running workout coupled with a lessened ability to feel pain… Runners high combined with a glimpse of rain and the wintery weather just mix in perfectly well.

What’s Next on the Agenda?

The Rash-thon Mid April 2019.

The build up till then has officially started. I am now training for my own 42km run on the weekend of April 14th. So three consecutive build weeks of running (first one is over) followed by a lite taper. One idea is to register for the Samsung ultra marathon and stop at 42km’s and the other option is to just loop my half marathon workout twice. I have some biker friends on stand-by for delivering tutti fruities, coke and Gatorade. Details of marathon training to follow next week.

Um Qais to Aqaba Cycle Beggining of May 2019.

Until then we are expecting the summer to officially arrive and things will get so much more fun. After the running build is done and dusted it will become time to build some cycling endurance. The next challenge will then be cycling all the way from Um Qais to Aqaba on May 3rd covering a distance of just about 400km’s all in one go. Details of the cycling endurance training to follow later.

Main Update of the Season:-

I have officially transferred my IM Mont-Tremblant registration to KMD IM Copenhagen which is going to happen on the same day hence no changes in training schedules. There were many reasons to justify my decision but basically three of my regular TriAmman training partners have registered for this race and given the fact that we will all be first timers it would be an absolute pleasure to share this experience with them. I have also never been to Denmark and it would be absolutely gorgeous to cycle 180km’s around the Scandinavian territory and suffer through crawling 42km’s around the Danish city centre and the canals in order cross the finish line just in front of the parliament building.

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