What’s New:- Mid February Update. A Few Things To Learn About Recovery, Stress and Chilling Out
26 Weeks to IM Mont-Tremblant

I have to say January was not the best of months. Even though I had finally managed to get a crazy deal on my TT Bike with the help of Bill from Chicago alongside Matt from EnduroSport in Toronto things have been all over the place mentally. Life hit damn hard. Work life took over my system and suddenly I was spending a lot of my time at advocates offices and having to deal with a lot of the corporate life seriousness. Coming from someone that’s quite into Enjoying life, Yoga and Meditation It was not cool. I got caught into that whirlpool of laziness and negative energy even though I have become a multitasking machine after all of this training.

My goals for January all failed. I did not focus on my Pre-Season Strength training, I did not improve my swim technique and the added life stresses and frustration did not make me think properly about recovering from my Achilles pain. Most importantly, I was so frustrated with how things were going I took a couple of days off and decided to skip the first “pace race” of the season (Dubai IM70.3). I have failed. But I have also managed to come a long long long way to reach this point. We all live and Learn. It was time to lay low, relax and take things down a notch.

I have been recently reading Good to Go by Christie Aschwanden which mainly talks about the science of recovery. The main take home message is you can only benefit from the training that you recover from. Needless to say the addition of stress both mental and physical can derail our best recovery efforts.

Battle of the Ego vs Efficiency:- Loosing power after switching to a TT Bike

Hidden frustrations began appearing after noticing a drop in average power output when switching to a fancy Tri bike. Seems like this is quite normal to happen especially at the beggining as the whole point of the Tri bike is to save your legs for the run. Due to the differences in bike geometries your hips are usually behind the pedal axis on a standard road bike but in front of the pedal axis on the Tri bike hence producing less power in general and having a much harder time climbing. Average speed is not lost due to the solid aerodynamics and I guess leading to more efficiently using your power output. It’s good news that the switch happened 7 months before the big day. With more experience and practice things will get better as everything is still quite alien at the moment.

Building up for Muscat 70.3

IM 70.3 Muscat, Oman is officially happening on March 1st (Achilles please don’t fail me!) . There is a whole bunch of us going and the competition is ramping up. A massive Airbnb has been rented for the group and the party’s about to start. Training is ongoing and the endurance build up is going great so far. Two build weeks one after the other are ongoing and I am absolutely loving to be back on form. Lets see what the future holds for the Pre-Race Updates.


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