What’s New:- Mid December Update/Systematic End of Season Review

Goodness, how time flies. It’s been almost a year since life has been all over the place. Convalescing father has been on a mission to recover fully from his open heart surgery and things are just starting to get flowing again. What a year that was, full of life lessons, reality checks & challenges.

The main lesson learnt:- “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” Albert Einstein.

Apologies… I had to add a picture of the smoking Mickey Mouse I bumped into on the side of the Dead Sea road.

What I did Well:-

Training session execution combined with time management went amazingly well thanks to my anal persona. Having an awesome coach to upload my TrainingPeaks schedule turned me into a Robot obsessing for a week full of green boxes.

My mindset went exceptionally well. I made myself understand that there is never a perfect time to start. I took the moments as they stood and with the right attitude and mindset I managed to turn them into the perfect moments to try.

Whenever I was doing my two week build periods in my training I always really enjoyed my recovery week afterwards. In all cases I don’t think my joints could have handled even more strenuous activities. I respected those limits and always kept them into perspective.

What I did Poorly & Possible Reasons Why:-

The rise of competition & sponsorship’s among the people around me has really affected me in a negative way where sometimes Id be comparing myself to others. This very unlike my usual status quo of “I will be always racing myself” and started to take that to leverage myself to keep pushing even further. I must focus on MY season and MY goals for 2019 as my schedule is going to be ten times more demanding than all the people around me.

Giving triathlon too much credit gave other people around me the impression that I have been slightly slacking in my professional life. Concentrating on my passion, my schedule and my goals was something that I did very well but leaving some work situations hanging because I am scared of change & the consequences that might follow is something to be disappointed with. Not for any reason other than I am not following my own advice.

What I need to change in 2019?:-

Changing my work ethic is the major goal that needs to be set for next year. Exactly the same way I have transformed my lifestyle into sports, exercise and healthy living I am also able to transform my work life upside down to the better. Take more risks and see change happen to the better. That is totally aside from growing some balls and start the other crazy idea I have in mind.


In order to celebrate the occasion of ticking all my yearly resolutions (aside from being more patient with the parents) I have decided to Invest in a used Cérvello P5 (specs to follow) and using it for next years four upcoming IronMan events.

One big goal was to pursue a more minimalistic approach on things and it seems like I have set peace with the fact that I will be loosing my fancy schmancy car in return for a personal investment opportunity.

To end this year with positive vibes, there are quite a few crazy dream cycling adventures coming up within the next two weeks… Stay tuned….

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