Adventures of building my home gym

So I’ve been doing quite a lot of research regarding the gym sceneries in Jordan mainly because I’m thinking about building a small gym at home and also because I have been doing some growndbreaking research ideas about planning a business later on in the future regarding Triathlon & Endurance racing. I have met some crazy interesting people in Lake Placid that I have been in touch with to gather more interesting ideas and opportunities.

I know how this country operates on its own wavelength and I knew that I had to dig real deep in order to figure out how suppliers and other market resellers work in order to profit. After talking to a couple of gym owners, equipment suppliers and maintenance engineers I knew that they were hiding quite a few key details and it really bothered me.

After I built a network of my own, I realised that most gyms are not really buying brand new equipment and most of these guys are not really official dealers. This is what they end up mostly doing:-


It turns out that a lot of gyms in the states sell their old equipment at special online auctions in order to renew and upgrade their gyms. Of course, us Jordanians are always willing to buy the left overs of other people in order to save a few bucks. In fact, this is exactly how most car importers buy and resell salvaged cars in Jordan to a degree where dealers have managed to make a pact with some highly connected government officials to block access from all Jordanian IP addresses to all US car history log websites so that you don’t find out how badly damaged the car you are about to buy is.

Digging deep into this world has lead me towad’s a hangar filled with thousands and thousands of gym equipment stacked beautifully in a space efficient way where forklifts and other equipment operate to stack and unstuck sold goods. Maybe its a good idea to think twice about the fact that people are always saying there is no money in Jordan.

The home gym equipment project

According to my calculations, given that I already own quite a lot of equipment, I will break even if I use my home gym for just one year. This is a given as I will be training for IM Mont-Tremblant. The home gym will be composed mainly of a good rubber flooring with a bike trainer close to a treadmill. I will make things more interesting when I incorporate a Yoga hammock, a kickass TRX pro4 and some light weights into the equation.

Check this out…


The only down side to this project is that I will start loosing the social aspect of training at my local gym. Thankfully I have my Tri and Cycling groups to catch up with…


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