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The Offseason at 38 Weeks Pre IM-MT:-

There’s quite a bit of motivation after Dead2Red and it seems that I would love to keep fighting forward in this never ending learning experience. Happy vibes everywhere and don’t forget my exciting wall of GU is finally done… Check it out…

The Canadian 5 dollar bill came from a very special person who has just left the country! Kudos to her… She will be in Mont-Tremblant cheering in August!

Mid November is officially when the off-season starts and its the prime time where I can start focusing on my weaknesses exploiting every available resource to tackle such issues.Becoming a “swimmer” is the last key thing that I need to work on before standing on that start line. I have started my first swim lesson with Coach Saad an ex Jordanian Olympic swimmer who I have told to go all out savage on me. During my first lesson, we did a time trial of my all out 100m sprint at 1:42 and aimed for a goal of increasing that result to 1:20.

A lot of information has sunk in after that first lesson. The geek in me later discovered a YouTube video that illustrates how mechanical & technical swimming can be.

Starting my IronMan coaching course is the next thing on the list in order to become an officially certified IronMan coach. I’m going to use this knowledge to my benefit in racing in addition to helping others later on in the future.

Lastly I think this month is the when I can concentrate on forming my fundraiser in preparation for IM-MT. I have already met the all famous Ali Sawalmeh who is the Jordanian Paralympic running champion. I have heard from him and his other friends that most of the money that goes into the Paralympic society goes towards the basketball players and it seems like there is quite a lot of drama in splitting the money between these athletes. I can’t even imagine how costly the equipment must be on them. An example is after Ali had won the Paralympic marathon in Beirut a flat tire had cost him more than the first place prize.

My first meeting with the Paralympic running folks in Amman

Exciting times ahead with the holiday season… one other really cool thing is that Im actually seriously thinking of building a mini gym at home instead of paying my regular 750JD yearly gym membership fees. I have an awesome idea in my head but not sure what will actually end up happening. Stay tuned for the next pre-Christmas season update!!

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