Whats New:- Early November Update

A couple of days after IronMan Antalya 70.3 I am beginning to feel my muscles starting to slightly loosen up. A fresh recovery swim along the coast is nothing to complain about. I look forward to do my last long cycle of the season which will be the Dead2Red race next weekend. This is a beautiful cycle from the Dead Sea all the way 200km down south towards the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan. I will not kill the pedal board as my body really needs to chill out after two IM70.3’s in very close succession. The Dead to Red race will be held on November 9th which will officially start the off season calendar as soon as we cross that finish line.

There are lots of things to look forward to during this upcoming “off season”. First things first and that is giving back into the community. So my main aim from here until Christmas will be going for the IronMan U coaching certification. Actually knowing more and more about strength, nutrition and all the three fun aspects in triathlon will give me more experience and will help me give back towards the future triathletes to come as in this sport, no matter how experienced you get you will always have more and more to learn from.

The other things that I really need to look into is strength training, fixing my ankle problems and swim classes. There are many articles these days that illustrate how important it is for triathletes to look into strength training. It reduces the risk of injury (I am already injured!) and improve not only strength and power but running economy. Hence consistent weight training combined with proper nutrition should in fact increase body water percentage and decrease body fat. This would be particularly helpful in every stroke in the water, pedal stroke on the bike and every stride on the next run.

Elsewhere on the calendar is to actually have fun during the Christmas season. That means racking up my drinking and social game. Maybe also travel to new places and experience a new adventure somewhere in this world. Loosen up a little bit and enjoy life because at the end of the day we triathletes do all of this for the fun of it! Another event to be on the lookout is helping out in the kiddie triathlon at the dead sea on November 16th.

Talking about fun the next thing on the list will be catching up with all the cycling communities and discovering some new fun routes during the Jordanian winter. I hope you look forward for some new GPX files.




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