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As of lately

It’s been nearly a month ago since I crossed the finish line of the A race of my season. IronMan 70.3 Lake Placid, NY. 2k swim, 90k bike (1400m elevation) and a hilly half marathon. Well known to be a tough course. For my first IM I cannot be more happy and proud of my achievement. The Airondacks is a place that I will truly cherish and appreciate. It’s a memory that is engraved in my mind and will never be forgotten.

Looking back to the morning of the 31st of December  2017, I was chilling in Chiang Mai (the north of Thailand) where I had decided that this is the time to commit and register for something that might have seemed impossible. This is the hostel that I crashed at and it was at this very location, this very day where I went online and confirmed my race registration. I thought to myself a million times that I would never be able to do this but guess what. There is never a perfect time to start.

It just seems so surreal that I have already crossed that finish line. February of this year I had to go through surgery and at that point I kept thinking to myself how the hell am I going to train for this? Time flies, and I cannot begin to explain the amounts of lessons that I have learnt through the wonderful people I have met in my journey.

I am currently prepping up for my last race of the year. IM70.3 In Antalya, Turkey. It seems like the same exact thoughts are going through my head the weeks before Lake Placid. Im racking up some knee injuries and I don’t know if I will be able to do this. I have stopped my running training during my most intense build weeks and hoping for a speedy recovery. The same episode happened with Lake Placid training where shin splints where an issue. Ah so much to learn from!


After Turkey, I plan to take it down a notch. Just appreciate all the positive energy that I have come across. All the lessons learnt this year. It was really such an intense year both mentally and physically. Focus on my mind, yoga, meditation and recovery. Swimming classes during the winter are in order before I get deep into my full IM training next year and some fun rides around town. I have been so serious about training I haven’t spent much time socializing with the local cycling community.

I have met amazing people in Lake Placid who seem to have very similar mindsets. Speaking to my coach more often than ever before my A day made me appreciate all the people around me.

This is a message I received the day before my race:-

@⁨Rash⁩ you’ve just risked everything that you’ve worked for by pushing your body to a level you’ve never done before however, you will only know what your limits are by pushing yourself. You didn’t fear the race; you let it fear you. You have been on a journey for so long now that nothing will ever now stand in your way. You knocked down those walls down one at a time and smiled at each and every single one of them as you did so. You enjoyed it and you sucked it up. It has showed you that you’re alive and what it is to live. Savour every moment of your victory and breathe deeply as you realise the magnitude of your achievement. You worked so hard for this and thoroughly deserve it. We’re all immensely proud of you buddy.

I cannot be more thankful for the community that I have built around me. An ongoing list of names to be thankful for that have developed me into the athlete that I am today.

Work Hard Party Hard

There is actually so much coming up on my work life agenda. Taking my other life down a notch will help me find more time in concentrating on the other missions I have planned. I am so happy to say I have already ticked all the boxes of my last years new years resolution. Minimalism was something that I completely focused on and it has really helped me filter out so much negative energy. Even the people that I do not want to be around. This is one massive topic that I will cover later.

I happy to say that aside from my regular day to day job I am going to expand on another separate business which will be huge change to my pace of life. More details to share later.

A dream to come true:

IM Mont Tremblant Quebec 

August 2019 will be a dream come true. I will build up to swim 4k, bike 190k and run a marathon all in one day. The schedule has already been put up and who knows if it will follow through or not:-

February 1st, IM70.3 Dubai

March 17th, Cyprus Marathoun

August 19th, IMMT!!!!!!!



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