Vector 2s Pedal Based Power Meter

Unlike other Garmin power based pedal systems, the vector 2s is a cheaper yet more easily moved between bikes

Power has proved to be the new metric taking over heart rate zone training if you are to get involved within the cycling world. The new vector 2s system is a single sided rather than a double sided power system mainly to get you a cheaper option (cutting it down to half the price) into this highly expensive world of accessories. Yes, triathlon can be mind draining when it comes down to expenses, as is every hobby i guess.

But guess what? This vector system is upgradeable too. If you feel like upgrading into a another side of power metrics to get a more accurate reading (when one side is installed the other is estimated by the system) you can easily do so as Garmin now offers you to buy an upgrade kit without saving money but at least allowing you to split the cost over time. In reality I realised that this is not completely true. As I have recently tried to do that upgrade (January 5th 2019) I was very unsuccessful. So its probably best to consider one or two side based power meter from day one rather than bothering yourself later on. If your going to eventually upgrade you might as well just go for the double sided. A big investment that will last a long time.

Installation is quite straight forward, very easy and quick. They can also be easily moved from one bike to another if you are wanting to switch them from time to time.

My views on Power Based training methods

I have decided to get into power training just after Lake Placid 70.3. I will give you a better detailed cover of this with more time and experience so you can get a better view of what I have experienced. Its probably too early to get into the power training details.

Things That I Discovered After Fiddling around with the system

I used to have the cadence sensor installed on my system before I have had bought the Vector 2s pedal system. A while later, I realised that the pod of the pedal also has a cadence sensor leaving the other one redundant. No need for the extra weight and the extra sensors hanging out of your bike.

Power readings are actually really good to keep yourself paced. It makes so much sense to me now that you will be expending different amounts of power depending on the terrain you are going through. Uphill or downhill etc and speed is not ultimately a factor on how much power is being expended. Going uphill you will probably expend more powerful and go even slower so ultimately having a steady paced power expenditure is a great way to pace your own endurance race.

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