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Body Image & The Past

Obviously I am the typical person who lived most of his life with body weight/body image issues. It’s no big secret. I still do catch myself from time to time playing around with my body, wishing it was different, pinching my stomach and prodding it from all the possible angles. I can still clearly remember one day when I was quite young, a bunch of guys were making fun of me for the way I looked while I was trying to walk on a treadmill (I have to admit it must have looked funny). They approached me and asked me what I was doing there.

Despite such misfortunes, I have come to learn & appreciate what my body can do for me. It is capable of some impressive shit and I have come to learn to admire it and challenge it. Its an indestructible machine that helps me believe that i’m built like a tank instead of a race car. Bigger, slower, but stronger.

We all come from different shapes, different builds and different ethnic backgrounds. We have different genetics and body compositions. We are all unique in our own way where our bodies can serve to our advantage in comparison to others. What Im trying to say is that we all have an anomaly or misconceptions in the word “Athletic”, it doesn’t always have to mean your a lean machine and you should never ever limit yourself to what you can do because of your body image. This is what I have learnt, If you want to do something, go ahead and do it. Don’t limit yourself, keep your life regret free and go ahead and do it.

Where do I Stand?


This is where I stand today. VO2 max is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense, or maximal exercise. Irrelevant to what my body composition score I have today or have had last month,  I have come to realise that I am proud of where I stand today, my accomplishments, and I think to myself “Rash you are lucky”, lucky to have the drive and determination to get to this point and to have the love and support of a wonderful family and friends.


Enjoy your body, use it in every way you can, take care of it, appreciate it and your attitude will start to change. It is not a race or a comparison against others but against yourself. Concentrate on becoming a better person by the day and you will start to change to the better. Step by step.

This is my mental game, I will use it to my advantage when I put myself out of my comfort zone and race IronMan 70.3 Lake Placid. This race encompasses a 2km swim, followed by a 92km cycle, followed by a half marathon. There will be pros trying to qualify for Kona spots. There will also be me. I will need to play my own game, my own nutrition, my own pacing, my own mental game. My race against myself, this is my challenge summarising my whole experience and hopefully my fight to endure even more. Whatever happens there happens. I will be glad/happy to have reached this far.

Anything Is Possible

Post IM70.3 Lake Placid, I received my medal with the IronMan slogan saying “Anything is Possible”. There were quite a few people tearing up at the finish line. There was also free pizza. My coffee craze left me running out of transition to get the cup of hot fresh coffee that I was dreaming about as soon as i got on the bike. I finished the race in amazing shape (no idea how) and was thinking to myself I cant believe i just finished this race and ran out for coffee. I guess my body was completely trained and ready to endure all this distance. It was, in reality, the end of my obesity/weight loss/training journey. Actually It was so much more than that. There are a hell of a lot of people that I have to thank.

Back in 2005 When I was Studying At Edinburgh Uni.

Taking a look back at this journey I start thinking of my transformation over 10 years ago. I would have never ever thought that there will be one day in my life where I will be leaner stronger and up to take such great challenges. I totally changed as a person. Starting with my lifestyle, I am not the same human being I used to be. My biggest piece of advice to anyone suffering from any hardships in life is you are who you are. You have your own story, you are unique. Nobody knows yourself better than you do. Think about your journey, challenge yourself because If you do not take the first step in life and live you will always remain sedentary. Don’t find excuses to keep yourself standing. Help yourself, enjoy the moment, and keep everything relative. Don’t overwhelm yourself but pace your changes. little by little.

IronMan Mont-Tremblant August 2019

Today is most probably the halfway point to becoming an “IronMan”. I have officially registered for the race. On August 18th 2019 I will become an IronMan!!! (or I hope I stay healthy and injury free until then) The thought of running a marathon after a 190k bike ride is something that I cannot even think about at this moment. Not to mention the 4k swim at the beginning!

This is the real challenge. A dream come true. At the moment, I have no idea where I stand. There are loads and loads of question marks flowing through my mind. There will be some hard times, times where I will push myself beyond my limits. It will definitely be an experience worth living.


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