Aqaba City

Trying to be as creative as I can get, I think this is probably the best running route to explore the inner city of Aqaba. Starting with running along the King Abdullah Park, its not a bad view to pass along the greenery of the park, watch some kids playing football and pass a couple of nice churches along the way. You will then reach a circle full of pine trees and head towards the newly designed Ayla Oasis area.

I tried to escape the main street as you will pass through a lot of diesel fumes if you dare to run along it. After you pass Ayla Oasis and the royal guards area, you will start running through the famous area that hosts all of the main hotels along the gulf of Aqaba coastline and pass through the main McDonalds circle, alongside an ok view of the public beaches which is quite enjoyable.

The run ends with going uphill along a fairly “dodgey” area called Al Shalaleh.

You can be as creative as you’d like to be with re arranging your run, but it would give you a good summary of the Aqaba city area.

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