Aqaba Olympic Distance

The beautiful people of the TriAmman group have managed to create an amazing Olympic distance practice route that spans a 1500m swim, 40km cycle along the south beaches and a 10km run towards the Saudi borders and back.

This was a mock distance Tri in preparation for Lake Placid half iron distance. When it comes to Tri I always try to keep focused on strategy. That being said means smart nutrition, hydration and pacing.

Im being told to concentrate to take in about 75gm of carbs (not protein), 800mg of sodium and a litre of fluid which roughly means 2 to 3 gels, 750ml sports drink, 250ml+ water and some base salt performance licks.

I started my day with a gel about half an hour before the swim. It was a blazing 35c and jumped into the water quite later than we had anticipated to start and hence I did not take my time with the anti chaffing balms etc. My neck chaffed hard during the swim and I developed a rash on top of my neck that killed me throughout the race. The swim went well even though the situation was quite crowded and there was an annoying fishing boat throwing nets quite close to our viccinity.

T1 was insanely smooth, 2mins, I just ran out of the water to the transition area, put my cycling shoes on without socks or anything and off on the bike. 3 Gels on the bike with sports drink were exactly what happened, even though i think i needed to hydrate more as the sun was really killing us all. The bike course went really well. I was trailing behind a friend the whole time who was killing it, and I was picking him up as we got up the hills.

T2 was super fast being about 1 min. I took off my shoes and put my running shoes (with socks this time) and off we went. I concentrated on a very even negative split 10km run (so going slowest at the beginning and fastest at the end) and it worked really well with me. Unfortunately, there was no aid stations along the way so the run was really hot and the whole nutrition and hydration plan did not go exactly according to plan. I even remember at one point during the run a car stopped by to hand us a really cold bottle of water which really helped out.

On that day, I performed really well. Going out of the bike, I was trailing behind the first person the whole way, and was the only person who kept pushing during the run (it was just a mock race). The negative splits helped out very well as it really helped pace my body completely. The main lesson learnt was to come well prepared with a lot of time on your hands as rushing things never works in long distance triathlon. You want to always be as comfortable as possible.

If anyone feels like doing this route the below maps show the cycling and running route that have become our official TriAmman groups practice Olympic distance routes. I guess its pretty easy to figure out where the Transition area that we have created is located.


Bike Route Map:-

So basically exit T1 going towards the borders, go up towards the police stop and u turn back towards town. After the ACT u turn back towards the border patrol and back into transition area. Fairly simple route to remember.

Run Route Map:-

Leave T2 towards the border patrol again. You will reach them at exactly 5km and then head back half the distance into the finish line or transition area.








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