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Everybody’s welcome to join!

Your gateway to cycling in Jordan, the elemnt group welcomes everybody interested to join from all levels possible. Think of it as a free tour of Jordan, literally. Whether your a beginner or an experienced road cyclist, everybody is welcome to join given the fact that nobody is left behind. You will be taken care of by experienced cyclists who can show you around the outskirts of town. The beauty of it is you will learn a lot about the cycling routes in Jordan and get to meet so many athletes of all levels.

How does the system work?

The mastermind behind the Elemnt family is our beloved Aref Dadan. Equipped with an immense knowledge of the streets of Amman/Jordan he can navigate you out of trouble wherever you are. Geographically speaking, whether you are in the North or the South you are in safe hands with this guy…

Aref the beast

Regarding the scheduled rides, there will be rides of various difficulties throughout the week. The long tough rides are usually scheduled on Friday’s. Usually, one week a tough ride with quite some distance and elevation is scheduled and the week after a longer more relaxed fun ride would come up.  Without any hard feeling’s if the admins think that some people will slow down the group they will be told that they are not recommended to join as the main rule of the group is not to leave anyone behind.

Three ways to get involved…

Cycling Jordan

Cyclists will always manage to find a way to find other cycling buddies. I am sure most of you have heard of Cycling Jordan located in the heart of Mecca St. This place offers bike accessories, bikes (obviously), maintenance services, bike rentals, other group ride events and even races (they are known to organise the 100 cycling challenge in December of every year). The manager/owner of the shop (Sarri) will most probably lead you to join whatever group fits your needs and capabilities.


Strava is also a very popular social media tool for athletes in Jordan. You will be surprised by how many people I have managed to meet through it. It’s a triathlon training app where you can upload all your Swim, Cycle & Run data. It will lead you to the regular runners, swimmers and cyclists and all the different groups involved. You can search for the elemnt team club on strava where club rides will be posted ahead of time, showing the routes that will be taken, start times and locations. Please press on the folliwing link to join the Strava Elemnt club.


Another very convenient tool to use is to join the Elemnt WhatsApp group where cyclists can ask any questions related to cycling and also post out whenever any club rides are organised. Open this link to join the Elemnts WhatsApp Group:



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