Jordan Food Week

Fresh Air to be ingulfed

A very well done event hosted by the events management team of Bidaya Corporate.I have to say, the main thing that I was impressed by was the cleanliness of the Ras Al-Ain art gallery and the surrounding area. People are not throwing rubbish around and the gallery from the inside has maintained its neat modern style freshness. The availability of this beautiful public space, the people gathered around it made me think that this is exactly one of the main things that we lack and need to see more of in this town. The surrounding sound of the live music also adds a great feel to this event.

The West Amman Trap

Walking around these beautiful deli stands, you can be easily manoeuvred into the usual suspects of West Amman. The typical ones that cross my mind are Burger Shack, Soul Food, Four Winters, Jard, Little Italy and the fancy shmancy others like food smith that in my opinion only add a positive vibe to the event but definitely do not belong within the Jordanian Cuisine category. Nothing against these places, I definitely think they offer amazing food and fit in this space pretty neatly, but given the category of the event I think that there are definitely more interesting places to try and learn from.

The Creative Stuff

One of my personal favourites, Batateekh (The somewhat plural of Watermelon in arabic), a store that is usually seen around Souk Jara which opens around the first circle area on Fridays of every summer. It has definitely found a creative fun way to promote serving watermelons whether it comes as simple as a juice or as complex as a “watermelon pizza”.

Another one that strikes out is the Jameed Chocolate Idea. Its pretty smart as a business idea where everybody is probably going to go ahead and try it once but I assure you they will never repeat it as the two ingredients do not mix quite well with each other. To say the least, my fellow Scotts are not any better when they attempted to be creative and came up with deep fried mars bars (fried in fish batter of the typical chippy lol).

Darker than black foods was a sick cool cool idea!!! It was the only place I wanted to personally promote this year by buying lots of food from it. If you are lucky enough to bump into a knowledgeable darker than black foods server you will be enlightened to hear about the benefits of the black garlic and the creative ideas of how you can use it in food/its health benefits.

The Jordanian Stuff

I advise you to put on your dancing shoes and head over towards the Ras Al Ain Gallery. Get to experience what Zarb is (Im sure you might have come across this in Wadi Rum). Another one to explore is Rashoof (a wintery Jordanian superfood), Makmoura (which comes from the northern wall), Gallayet Bandoura (my personal favourite), Fanagesh (also never heard of/involves nuts which is every athletes favourite), Lazagiyat (Jordanian desert anyone?) and probably others that I might have missed.

Huge Thank You to these lovely souls

Just wanted to personally thank whoever was involved in volunteering to promote the safe crossing of people from the pedestrian cross. It’s just great to see more and more awareness on the streets of Amman every now and then 🙂




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