GBI Europe 2018

Alongside the whole love affair with triathlon, one can take advantage of whatever hobby he has in order to help others in need. I have to admit, the other day I was hosting a discussion with Shams Community about donating to charity and there were quite a few things that really came to mind. One of the questions that we took out of the hat stated something in the lines of if you think that you are giving as much as you think you could afford.

I mean I wont lie but I think that the majority of us had the same feeling which rhymed in the lines of “absolutely not”. This is something I became more aware of as I travelled through my Tri journey. Maybe in general I am not a giver but now I have recently adopted the excuse of using the execution of my hobbies in order to help others who are in need and I find myself now constantly thinking about it (I can definitely see some progress here).

The Global Biking Initiative (GBI) reunites likeminded cyclists from all over the world to cycle together different routes over a period of seven days every year in order to raise money for whatever local charity the cyclists come from. This year the route encompasses a start from Gothenburg in Sweden along the Kattegat and through Denmark to Hamburg in northern Germany.

Rum Team, one of the main cycling groups in Jordan, has managed to collect donations in order to deliver 24 ovens and gas canisters for the villages of Ain Al Baida and Jurf Al Darawish in Jordan. Several of its members decided to join the global biking initiative in order to practice their hobby and to help out such local people in need. They were even featured on the popular TV channel Roya in order to promote cycling in Jordan and its safety.



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