Ayman Coffee

A very special place located just around the 2nd circle. If you recall the Syrian desert place “Nafisah”,  just walk past it 2 places to your left hand side. This area used to be and might be still well known as the Philipino street. The place itself is very special to me. Just before you enter you get to see dozens and dozens of ginger just piled up the entrance.

This is a sign of holding all these comfortable homey snuggly hot drinks within the vicinity. In fact, its a “normal coffee side shop” thats open 24 hours round the clock. The shop has loads of its regulars who work and live around the area. Instead of having a regular pot, you will find many different pots of sage, cinnamon and a massive variety of other herbs diffusing hearty fumes all around. I call the person in charge there a Chemist, as he has a variety of herbs that he can manage to mix and match in his main heating source which is a massive aluminium sheath filled with sand under a hob.

Passing by Ayman’s after ending our 5am Morning Training

There are two brothers who exchange shifts during the 24 hour work cycle. Genuine human beings who can give you quite interesting conversation if they don’t have many customers shouting out their orders.These day to day interactions with people make us better healthier and happier people. I recall a TED talk by Dr. Susan Pinker who says that the secret in living longer may be our social life by creating bonds between us and others. One of the examples listed is to talk to the person who makes you your coffee everyday. I have to say i strongly agree with her theory. I usually head to Ayman Coffee whenever I need a breather, I ask the Chemist what he recommends today and I always end up getting a different flavour each being more creative than the one i tried before.

Its not just the drink but the vibe in the area. Its nice to walk around the area with a nice comfortable hot drink in your hand. Its a tradition that I have acquired along my journey and I absolutely adore it.

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