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I have to say one thing. Wahoo is purely a brilliant company that never failed to impress me with any of its products. When it comes down to the cycling computers, Wahoo produces two main devices that are actually identical in their features but differ in their sizes. These are the Wahoo Elemnt(The Big Version) and the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt(The Wee Aerodynamic Version).

The Wahoo Elemnt in Action During the 4am Rum Team Rides

(Photo Credits: Abdulah Khushmani)

These devices are very well known to be very easy to setup via any smartphone through their App. You simply scan the QR code with your phone and its basically setup with your phone. You can then customise the devices menus via your phone. You customise all the different menus that you can see while your cycling and setup as many pages as you want. The battery life on this thing is actually amazing. I have managed to cycle the DeadtoRed race which is a 200km ride from the DeadSea to Aqaba alongside syncing the gps route and I managed to arrive with about 20% battery.

From my own personal experience, I will say its quite easy to setup the device with its accessories such as the speedometer, heart rate monitor, cadence meter, or even the power meter. The pairing process is very straightforward and not an issue at all.

Syncing with third party Apps is very easy to setup and very straightforward. I personally sync my rides to Strava and TrainingPeaks but there are many others that can be used. The main issue is that you cannot upload or sync with Garmin. This is sometimes an issue of annoyance more or less but not a big deal in reality.

I also use RideWithGPS to draw out certain routes on my pc. These routes can sync directly to the Wahoo computer. Its so easy and very useful. You can also set it up to give you messages in certain places. For example you can set reminders to hydrate and maybe have a couple of snacks at certain time points.

Since I started training with a coach via TrainingPeaks, my indoor workouts started to increase. I found it quite amazing how you can actually setup custom workouts on TrainingPeaks and these can actually sync to your Indoor Wahoo trainer easily. This feature is actually amazing. The device gives you a graph of the plan, how many intervals you have left, how much time is left for each interval and the total time left (many many more).

The only advertised setback to the device is that its GPS is very basic and in black and white. I absolutely love it and think it has zero setbacks! Love Wahoo!

Death of the Wahoo Elemnt

A year and 5 month’s later, my Elemnt started to slowly die. Well it is effectively still working perfectly well but black dots started to appear coming out of it’s display. I was offered by Wahoo to receive a 20% discount given I return my device as it was 5 months out of warranty but unfortunately in my case Its more probably more expensive to ship the device back to wahoo than to buy a new one.

Battery is still on top form, and sync with all my devices and all other options are still working perfectly. An absolutely amazing device.

The Verdict:- To buy or not to buy?

Definitely worth every penny. I absolutely love this device and its just amazing by how much personal customisation you can actually do on this thing. It’s also worth getting this device even if your into Triathlon and already use a garmin fenix multisport watch.

What I find really cool is that when Im doing my triathlons, my heart rate monitor syncs on both devices at the same time. I use my watch so that I can keep track of my swim and run and I am so in love with my Wahoo that when Im on my bike its just so much easier for me to use the wahoo as Im firstly used to it and secondly I don’t have to keep looking at my arm wrist to see the data. With all the different Elemnt stands, you can easily have the best view of your data live while your cycling. No need for distractions.

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