Independence Walk

ProHikers is an organisation formed by a group of passionate adventure junkies who travel around the Kingdom in search for new interesting trails for everyone to encounter. The group leader, Nihad Al Husari and colleagues were all trained with the Jordanian Special Operations CSAR 61, (combat search and rescue unit 61), and got equipped with all knowledge needed to help out the innocent of the “young and civilised” Amman.

Having a past life in the Edinburger, I was lucky enough to have my army junkies visiting me around the Middle East after i moved back home. Having immense involvement within different battalions of several armies they were quite impressed the groups skills whether it was being funny, mansaf eating skills, navigation, GPS guidance, emergency aid, repelling, climbing and the whole lot.

As a group, we got to explore the amazing wilderness of the Ghor El Safi and Wadi Karak area, camping outside and grilling some hotdogs over a period of three nights. Not only that you keep on hiking, but the groups habitual activities sometimes includes voluntary missions to help out the local populations of these small towns and villages that you can come across. A couple of great adventures with ProHikers led me to many friendships leading me to several hikes in different countries in the east, west and eventually lead me all the to see my close friends graduate from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Photo Credit: Dominic Monckton

ProHiker’s main annual event is their proclaimed “Independence walk” which is a long hike all the way from Amman to Aqaba over a span of 8 days, walking about 52kms on average per day. If you are interested in finding out more about them, joining on different missions and hikes, reach out to ProHikers and see where your adventure will lead you.


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