Refugee Safari

Husam Abed is a Jordanian performer and musician, from Palestinian roots who is living between Amman and Prague. Master of Directing for Alternative and Puppet theatre at DAMU – Czech Republic. Founder of Dafa Puppet Theatre/Jordan and Czech Republic. A member founder of Flying Freedom Festival in Czech Republic, a member founder of Amman Theatre Lab. in Jordan and member of UNIMA – France.

Saga Björklund Jönsson is a Swedish show artist, composer and theatre director, educated at Performing Arts School in Gothenburg in Sweden. She worked with Nature Theatre of Oklahoma during their European tour. She composed music for several musical shows in Sweden, Norway and other European countries. Co-founder and singer of Father and Son Mainstream. Member founder of Bataljonen, Sweden. Currently composing and directing for the National Theatre of Sweden.

161021 | Refugee Safari | The Mainstream from Atalante on Vimeo.

There were so many ideas that were pitched in this play that really impacted my mind. It was all about making a difference because sometimes we always say we are only one person and things are going to happen if we like it or not because we are not powerful enough to make an influence. In fact that is not true, it is truly because each and every person living in this world is either a cause or a solution and that is it.

The main take home point is work harder to make a difference because if you think one person doesn’t make an impact “try sleeping with a mosquito in a room”.

What a musical it was. Truly inspiring. I absolutely loved it.

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