“Lets Clean As We Hike”

This is a very sensitive topic that I would love to touch ground with. One of the things that really annoy me about cycling around this beautiful country is that you will always manage to find rubbish thrown around even in the most uninhabited places. It says a lot about people when they just simply litter the streets without any concern. In fact, it just reflects laziness, carelessness and lack of environmental education.

The least we can do as “mature” citizens is try to educate the people about the importance of the environment. They do not realise that there are other consequences of littering such as promoting the spread of disease. Maybe if others can see us collecting garbage they will think twice about the situation. It’s actually quite sad that the cops who walk around my own neighbourhood to keep our expat community safe & secure usually throw their litter on the streets. I always try to make a point in showing them that I collect their garbage and throw it away properly without giving them any form of an aggressive vibe.

Nader Manaseer and Rajiv Raman are the two brilliant minds behind the ECO hikers idea. They roam around the country with the moto of “lets clean as we hike”. Not only you get to meet cool new people during these hikes, you get to also include a healthy lifestyle and experience more of this wonderful country by meeting its locals in the rural areas outside of Amman.

ECO hikers usually distribute their collections to another brilliant organisation which actually makes use of the collected material and produces some interesting end results. Ziadat4recycling founded by Alaa Ziadeh is another spot that you must visit and promote.

If you are interested in hiking around Jordan in an ECO friendly way, please EcoHikers on facebook, checkout their calendar of events and feel free to join.

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