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Located in Mid Amman, at the very end of Mecca St resides the King Hussein Business Park which aims to be the epitome of elegance in regards to technology within the country. It aims on promoting the Jordanian Image in terms of foreign investment and building creative local startups in order to become an attractive business hub to promote innovation and creativity.


Aside from that, the gym within the business park has a beautiful swimming facility that can be used for members of the fitness first gym community. For training purposes, it is absolutely brilliant. There are a couple things that you should take into consideration if you want to become a regular user of this pool. First of all, they do not allow a mix of different sexes within the swimming pool. This is quite unfortunate as we are all here to train. The men’s only days offered are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (every other day more or less) and woman’s days are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

In my own personal opinion, even though the men have an extra day during this weekly window, woman are at an advantage of using this pool. The lack of swimming pools in this country is always an issue. It seems to be that the gym tries to rent out lanes to other swim clubs or swim camps during the men’s only days so sometimes you can be quite surprised to find out a swimming pool full of kids where you as a club member are given only one lane to share with the other members who are wanting to use the pool at the same time. This usually ends up to be quite a big issue. I have also asked once if i can bring a female friend with me to use the pool and that question seemed to be quite inappropriate. I am not complaining but trying to explain how things work at this facility. On the other hand, if you are a female, I hear that there are no swimming camps available in their time slots so you can be rest assured to have a perfect workout with no distractions.

The pool itself is an indoor semi olympic pool hence 25 meters in length and can host up to 6 lanes of around 2 meters each (more or less). It’s quite lovely. The staff at the swimming pool are also very nice and quite helpful. The shower facilities are not bad. They are equipped with hot water and they do the job quite well.

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