Dead Sea Lagoon

My personal favourite spot to practice open water swimming in Jordan. Located just before the Dead Sea hotels street area, it is about a half an hour drive from Amman. This spot cannot be accessed on a regular basis as it is a hotel that uses its lagoon for its residents. Moreover, it is quite a religious resort that offers men and women only sides of the lagoon.

I do get early morning access to this venue on Saturday’s at 7am (we would need to leave Amman around 6.30am) with a bunch of my Triathlon friends from the TriAmman group. This is a great venue to practice sighting in order to ensure that you don’t swim longer distances than you need. The water is quite clean and fresh. It is quite surprising especially because the water is not chlorinated and hence it really makes me wonder how the water is cleaned up.

I always like to think of the lagoon as a huge swimming pool. According to my Garmin I have managed to estimate the length of the pool to be around 800 meters hence equating to about 16 laps of an olympic pool that is 50 meters in length.Another strategy that we are trying to use is to take buoys and to simulate swimming around these buoys on race day.

This venue also hosts the Dead Sea Sprint Triathlon in April of every year. It is usually well organised by Jordanian National Team player Firas AlHmoud.

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